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Ministry Vision Statement

It is a vision to create an environment where the lost, hopeless, rejected, hurt and depressed can find a family environment full of love, acceptance, faith, help, hope, guidance and encouragement.

It is a vision to develop a mixed use campus featuring a sanctuary for worship, a pre-K to 12th grade academy for education, a leadership academy to educate and equip secular and religious leaders, and transitional center including housing and work/life training to assist members with re-entry into society from economic hardships and life crises.  The overall purpose is to help develop and empower the total person – spiritually, mentally, emotionally, financially, and physically.

It is a vision to birth an international ministry. To empower and equip an army of believers to minister the gospel to a dying world inside the metro area, state, country and world.  It is not our desire to stay inside the four walls of the church but take the church to the world through missions, evangelism and outreach.

It is a vision for a sending ministry dedicated to equipping and educating next generation leaders to be established as future church planters, pastors, civic and community leaders.

It is a vision to transform a people into people living life on purpose.  By helping people to discover their gifts and talents, properly teaching them how to use them effectively, each member will move towards discovering their God-given destiny and live life on purpose.

It is a vision to develop a biblically sound, spiritually mature, community focused community through Bible study, small groups, educational classes and Sunday worship services.

It is a vision to be a remnant community under the common purpose of seeking and manifesting God’s kingdom in and on the earth.

This is not just any vision, this is Kingdom Seekers Community Church’s vision. 
It is a God-given vision and because God said it, it shall come to pass.